We provide software development and data warehousing solutions. With decades of experience, we excel in all areas of software development. In today's fast-paced environment, you cannot afford to fall behind. Contact Softart today and get reliable, most efficient application development and data analytics services. We'll help you stay ahead of competition and keep your business running at peak efficiency.

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Why choose Softart?

We focus on the exact needs of our customers, without creating unnecessary features that complicate their operations. We deliver prompt, efficient service and easily maintainable systems. Softart always strives to deliver projects in scope, at cost and on schedule. Our products are based on industry leading technologies, deliver excellent performance and high reliability.

Software Development

Softart understands the importance of customer satisfaction. That is why our team will work with you to realize your business' true potential. We will focus on creating software which would best fit your needs. With your vision and our experience, your business will have the edge it needs to stay competitive. Softart utilizes unique approach to the development process which combines classic business analysis with flexibility to adjust requirements during implementation. Our experience indicates the best results and the lowest risks can be achieved if the development process allows feature set adjustments along the way.

Our team will provide you with:

  • Project plan specifying intermediate deliverables
  • System architecture tailored to your needs
  • The complete system which is reliable and highly maintainable
  • Easy to use software reflecting your business vision

Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence

One of the most important assets of any organization is its information. Efficient operational database system is essential for every company’s business, but it does not easily yield its information for "bigger picture" analysis. DW/BI system solves this by presenting information in a way that focuses on performance and trends, and provides historical, current and predictive views of business operations. With our expertise in modern DW/BI techniques at Softart we can build DW/BI system that will

  • Make information easily accessible
  • Present information consistently and in a timely way
  • Adapt to change as business demands
  • Serve as the authoritative and trustworthy foundation for improved decision making


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